Guide in Buying Golf Iron Sets

Most of the golf clubs in your bag comprise of irons, so getting the right golf iron sets can significantly improve your game. Since there are various types of golf irons with different specifications, this article can help you get the ideal set of irons.

Type of Golf Irons

  1. Forged Irons

Golf IronWhen forging a golf club, soft steel is submerged to form a rough shape, and beaten or stamped into the desired shape. The professional blacksmith will then have an unrefined forged iron. This is a close estimate of the ultimate club head. They will finish the club head by crushing, milling and polishing.

Finally, the end product will be a solid, one-piece golf iron with a smaller sweet spot. Normally, a forged iron is targeted for good golfers who put higher significance on how the golf club feels and its capability to control trajectory and shape shots.

  1. Cast Irons

Forged irons have alternatives, which are cast irons. When creating this golf iron, the manufacturer first pours soft steel into a cast, allowing them to create more intricate club head designs. Because of that, cast golf irons are more suitable to perimeter weighted, intricate, and multi-material type of irons. Compared to forged irons, the method of casting is cheaper and easier, which is why cast irons have lower price tags.

Designs of Golf Iron Sets

  • Cavity Back Irons– Clubs that place cavity or recess at the back of the club head, clustering more weight around the periphery. The golf club will be more forgiving and have a better MOI or Moment of Inertia by putting more weight to the rims of the club head. Normally, a bigger head would be matched alongside a thin club face so that off-center hits fly straighter and longer than off-center shots with blade irons.

Since it is more forgiving, the golf club reduces the feel, which makes the cavity backs more suitable for mid-range to high handicappers who benefit for the bigger sweet spot.

  • Blade Irons– feature a compact hitting area, thin face, and thin top line. These are designed for better golfers. In general, blade irons evenly allocate weight all through the whole head, which produces a tiny sweet spot around the center of the club head.

Compared to cavity backs, blades provide a better feel and capability to shape a shot since more weight is put at the back of the sweet spot.

Golf Iron Sets

When you buy a set of irons, it is usually comprised of 9 irons. Based on the loft of the golf club, there will be a number on each of the irons. Long irons are usually numbered as 2, 3 and 4, though nowadays, 2 or 3 iron can rarely be seen.

Numbers 5, 6, and 7 are for mid-irons numbers 8, and 9 are short irons and wedges.

Hybrid Set of Irons

Golf IronHybrid golf iron sets target golfers who are struggling with longer irons. The hybrids develop from cavity back short golf irons, all through smaller cavity back mid irons or hollow back to half-wood/half-iron hybrid golf clubs.

The advantages of hybrids are clear – for control of shorter shots and maximum forgiveness, which is what a cavity back iron offers. Moreover, it can also create high mid iron shots that can be easily hit because the deeper back of the mid iron moves the weight of the club head further back and lower on the club.

Finally, the hybrids combine the accuracy and control of the long iron and distance of a wood. For an older golfer or high-handicapper, hybrid golf iron sets will offer the ideal combination to help them with their iron-play.


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