Update Your Home With a Yoga Studio

One of my clients with the absolute best set up of any home I’ve ever seen has a yoga studio and home gym right in his house. It’s ridiculously awesome. I was over there the other day and I must say I was impressed. The most important part of any yoga routine, of course, is the yoga mat. So I wanted to review this awesome mat real quick because if you’re thinking of doing the same thing, it really is a great idea.

Gaiam Print Yoga Mats (3mm)

The Gaiam Print Yoga Mat is 3mm in width and retails for $26.98 on Amazon. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your unique personality. The mats are designed to make yoga enjoyable and comfortable and feature a textured light tack, non-slip surface. These yoga mats are latex free and are composed of earth friendly, non harmful ingredients.


These mats are free of the 6 harmful Phthalates DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP that are commonly found in other yoga mats. The Gaiam mats are lightweight and durable, making them easy to transport to yoga class. There are several different designs available to suit your personality. This mat offers a decent amount of support and rolls up easily.


Unfortunately, when you remove this from the packaging, there is a slight odor. The mat needs to be aired out and the smell will dissipate after the first or second use. Some users have stated the mat is a bit slippery, if this occurs, just wipe it down with a warm soapy rag and leave the mat out to dry.


This mat is a little pricy, but offers a lightweight and durable fix for your yoga obsession. It can easily be tossed in a gym bag and won’t put a strain on your bag. The thickness of the mat provides support for working out and offers a non-slip surface. There are few yoga mats out there that don’t include the 6 harmful ingredients. This mat allows you to cater to your own personal style, and can withstand generous amounts of usage.

Dirt Devil Gator Review

The Dirt Devil Gator is a cordless, lightweight (4.4 pounds) hand held vacuum with 15-3/5 volts of power suction at a fantastic price of $39.99. It’s perfect for cleaning those hard to reach places, counter tops or bookshelves. The Dirt Devil Gator has a slick design and an appearance which suits its name. This devil is perfect for vacuuming your vacuum!


Well, it’s a very basic, ordinary hand held vacuum with the ability to do a great job on hard surfaces and carpeted surfaces. The Dirt Devil Gator works is perfect for vehicles due to the size, suction and cordless design. The small size of the vacuum makes cleaning rather quite convenient (if you don’t run out of battery).


On the whole, the suction isn’t brilliant and you can sometime struggle to pick up some crumbs off the floor and the battery life is quite disappointing averaging about 10 minutes with full suction and then winding down. No matter how long you charge it for, it’ll never produce full suction for over 10 minutes which is a huge flaw because it usually runs out of ‘juice’ midway through a clean.

For the price you pay – it’s worth it. If you only need a little hand held vacuum for ‘every now and then’ cleans then this will serve you well. It isn’t too powerful and the battery life isn’t great, so this vacuum shouldn’t be relied upon too much. As I said, for the price you pay, it’s good but if you need something stronger and more consistent; I’d suggest investing more money in a vacuum.

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